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nums are gonna make som big changes in the dna system, right? so I was thinking that now when nums have speed up db so much that we could change the virus system as well.

Now a virus is made up of only 1 gene. But in reality they can be made up by many more genes. So y not make it so in DB?

I think a certain limit to the amount of DNA you can pass is important.  You shouldn't be able to pass your whole genome as a virus.

I think the challenges of writting a virus that fits into one gene is well worth the effort.  That's how I'd vote.

But, for everyone who's lazy, take a look at this:

*.thisgene .mkvirus store
1000 *.vtimer .vshoot mult store

Your very own tiny self replicating virus.  Add whatever viral code you like to it.

If you can make a whole robot in one gene then why shouldn't we have a virus in one gene

Just imagine using num's simple self replicating virus above and adding the entire code from someting such as Devincio Solo into it as a virus. The infected alga would become your allies  B)

but still a multi-gene virus would be awesome, of course whit some resitrictions. like 3 or 4 genes are ok, I mostly think 3 is ok

I did that one time with a modified Explectus. Very cool effect although it's weird when the veggies end up winning. :lol:

Endy B)


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