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So I had a play with IM mode, and got largely nowhere. It looks like the server side code isn't working (or missing?). I don't particularly want to completely rewrite it, seeing as how Shasta did a pretty nice job of the memory hooks and the whole stat thing was already in place. Repair seems like the best option.

So, what's the deal?

So from what I remember I broke one of the php scripts at some point. They are definitely not being served at the moment, though I do still have them in a folder.

The C# program is a bit annoying as it does the memory inspection stuff, so you have to give it a new list of memory locations for every new version of DB released, I had some sort of update mechanism that I don't entirely remember at some point. But finding the memory addresses was manual. If someone wants to work on it, I'd recommend just removing the memory inspection and only handle the transfer of robots. A technical detail: I think it was using LZMA compression, switching that to something like LZ4 would be nice.

Hey Shasta,

May I look at the PHP script(s) if you don't mind?
Just out of curiosity.

So really, we could do with a way of getting DB data without memory hooks. Botsareus?

Named pipes seem like a possible, could make it pretty flexible and just have DB dump json down the pipe, have the DBIM app upload the json data along with bots from files. Script server side processes JSON into DB, handles file allocations etc.

Ns what you mean by memory hooks.
If you mean DB has to communicate with IM, yes we can get rid of that.
The only thing we need to pass to IM is the folder paths to the inbound and outbound folder. This is being done already as part of the command line pass. IM then simply writes and reads from these folders and DB takes care of the rest.

It sound to me like you want to code IM as part of the vb6 source? That is reasonably cool, except for the fact the vb6 is almost a dead as a computer programming language.


Thank you,
I still want to see the code when it is done  :)


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