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My tower is in the same room where I sleep, and I can not sleep with it on  :(
Not that It will help much, because Skyrim is 1 fps on my tower :(
So anytime I run long simulation I run them on my Vaio laptop. I am considering getting a windows 8 tab for my mom, but other then that I really do not see me updating my computing hardware anytime soon. Maybe if I want to play Skyrim and/or DB3 badly enough I'll consider getting a hardware like you describe and put it in the living room.

For now however, here are the specks for my Viao:

Processor: Pentium Dual-Core T4400 @ 2.20Ghz (both)
Ram: 4GB


 Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family
 Mobile Intel GMA 4500M
 Total Available Graphics Memory: 1759 MB


What are the specific advantages for DB3 to run on AVX?
C# natively supports AVX?!


Sounds like a very cool api, but why double precision?



--- Quote from: Botsareus on April 04, 2013, 05:15:50 PM ---What are the specific advantages for DB3 to run on AVX?

--- End quote ---

AVX is an instruction set that lets you eg. add 4 doubles at the same time.  It would let me do 4x the amount of math on the CPU, which would make the program up to 4 times faster (depending on how much the CPU is the bottleneck).

--- Quote ---C# natively supports AVX?!

--- End quote ---

No, I'd have to write some low level functions in C++ and expose them to C#.  That's a huge pain, since suddenly it means to build the full program you have to also compile a C++ project, and I'd need separate C++ DLLs for x86 and x64.  But for the potential speed up we could get it's still probably worth it.

--- Quote ---Sounds like a very cool api, but why double precision?

--- End quote ---

DB3 will use doubles for most of its math internally.  The extra precision will allow physical constraints to be less squishy (so you should be able to build large structures with bots), and allow the bots to wander very large distances and grow very large (imagine a bot a kilometer across and another a few centimeters).  If we used single precision, you'd be stuck with a universe that couldn't really be more than 30kmx30km, and the sizes of bots would be limited, and the constraints would be a bit squishier.

Cool stuff.

I am a little concerned with one robot being x5000 bigger then a different robot. From an eco-system point of view it is cool. But that is taking the 'big birtha' concept to a whole new level don't you think?

Well, we'll see what sort of stuff comes out of that.  We can always place artificial limits on the range of sizes of bots, but I'd like to be able to explore some interesting things like whale vs. plankton.

Uhh... I bet Skyrim doesn't run on my computer at all. ;n;


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