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300,000 birds

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Have any of you ever seen this?

mnn, I have seen that before, it sometimes happens around where I live, it really looks amazing how in timing they are and all their synchronisation. Its to confuse their preditors, not exactly sure how though...

Predators (probably eagles and falcons in this case) usually need to focus on a single target to be successful.  Inexperienced hunters presented with a flock like that will get greedy and aim for all of them at once and end up with none of them instead.  More experienced hunters will look for stragglers demonstrating themselves to be injured or old, and go after them.

That's animal hunters, of course.  For humans, you just get some bird shot and fire.  It's pretty hard to miss I imagine

Where I live there once was a bird called the Passenger Pigeon which would fly in huge flocks, up to two billion birds. The birds were said to have flown in flocks 1 mile wide by 300 miles long. The last one died in 1914, but i think they were going extinct long before that, so i don't think anyone alive today has seen one.

I'm not sure if the passenger pigeon is a net loss or not.  Like the rocky mountain locust, it might be a case of good riddance.


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