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F3 League Summer 2014
« on: June 14, 2014, 01:50:36 PM »
3-Przykrosc [Vexation] (F3)(MysticalDumpling)23.2.14
7-Primitive Solitarius Satietas (F3) (SlyStalker)
9-EyeBot (F3) (Moonfisher) 17-01-2009
11-Big (F3) (Moonfisher) 19-10-08
13-Alpha2.7 WidVis(F3)(d-EVO)23-10-2008

Seeding Faze:
So spiny Alpha 1.1.1 did not do that bad topping at 104 but Alpha 1.1.3 did well
Looks like in general Alpha is having trouble finding the food
Alpha 1.1.5 did not need to search for food by pure numbers
Alphas 2.4 and 2.7 are moving well
Beholder is not having too much trouble
Diversa reflexum is the best moving robot so far, oh oh looks like it may be dq for using ties
Evolved Tribolis moves like most evo robots using normal evo methods
Gimmik does not like to reproduce, that may be a problem
Gnat is acting like what the name implies, although I think it will be more proper if it indeed reproduce sexually, a good robot overall
Hello, Gnat 2.0 is eating visibly! Moves like AI from matrix after it kills a vegy
Alpha original did not do well at all
Primitivae Solitarius moves interesting but does not do well
Another cool robot from MD, Przykrosc [Vexator] moves across the center of the screen
Przykrosc [Vexation] reproduces well, this one may take it
Roto2 uses an interesting face 90degrees move 160 method
Slam Funk is not doing well with the new vegy system
Tournament Faze:
Gnat takes out Slam Funk as expected
Spyrus has been disqualified for making a tie
Alpha takes out Yura, one robot from Yura attempted to hang on
Diversa reflexum has been disqualified for deleting a gene
Gnat 2.0 takes out the original Alpha
Przykrosc [Vexator] has been disqualified for deleting a gene
Roto takes out Alpha
Stepladder Faze:
Alpha are winning in order of there versions
Big and Bouncer overtook Alpha
Animal Resono has been dq for making a tie
Evolved Tribolis has been dq for making a tie
Wow EyeBot and Gimmick won by being big and feeding, not reproducing
Gnat takes EyeBot with pure numbers
Gnat 2.0 overpowers the original
Primitive Solitarius Satietas took the number 2 spot between the Gnats
Vexation is moving a little better then Gnat
Oh oh, Vexation just ran out of steam, Can it take down Primitive?
Vexation takes down Solitarius by keeping control of the food supply
Roto Takes down Gnat 1.0
Roto2 takes the top spot
Slam Phunk 2 is putting up a good fight against Gnat2 but it is not enough
Slam Phunk 2 takes Roto

Let me note that this is the last of the leagues with full commentary.
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