Author Topic: Multibot Conspec for Head and Tail modes  (Read 4839 times)

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Multibot Conspec for Head and Tail modes
« on: February 21, 2008, 12:41:44 AM »
Start with your basic conspec, say dnalength; this is out2. Set out1 to some random value between 32000 and 0, this is your bot ID. Whenever you encouter a bot of higher ID # it sets to stage tail. It remembers that the tie is the head, and will always look towards it unless something comes from behind. The system is bullet proof, should two higher numbers tie to a lower number, a tie read would show that it cant have two higherups, so it will delete the tie. Since it only has to chage the focuseye the bot never has to turn. The advantage is that the tail will default to 50%, since the limit of their knowledge of clan is 10 bots, so only ten possibilities arrise, and they have to follow an order to work. So any mistake is disregarded and attempted again, later by another generation or friend. Robot age could work but the numbers always move, so storage of that information would have to be updated each cycle or so. An Id system is static and has no real bearing on the bot itself beyond HEad and Tail use.