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« on: March 24, 2015, 12:39:00 AM »
ok i am moving this section from db3 section to here to avoided filling up the topic there of arguing

from spike43884:
And most of the things I try a lot on, especially before asking, it makes sense now the Abs, but elsewhere its been explained in ways, among other things in DB code, which make it seem messy. Plus, even messy code you can eventually understand, some of the biggest programming languages have inefficiencies and parts which are messy, take JAVA for example, when you run a program, it'll tell you that you have an error, but unlike python and such won't tell you where the error is. With java, good lord, everythings forced to be so long and thousands and thousands of lines of code are needed for simple programs, 1 error, not a clue where it is, not a clue what the error is. A mere inefficiency. The more efficient, and easy DB code is, the better for new people coming on. Plus, if the programming is easy then it could help people that don't know much about DNA and such understand it more, as even though its not perfect to real life, its probably one of the best, if not the best open source, free simulators out there. Then to top it off, the more simplistic the code for darwinbots the better, as DNA is made up of 4 bases, its that simple, of course we couldn't right in that easily (unless your steven hawkins maybe?) so it needs to be abbreviated into common, or relatively quick to work out, and well explained abbreviations, and commands. These commands then need multiple assets able to be given to them, thus when combined with other commands or operators, and intergers it can perform an almost endless array of tasks.

i understand you were a little annoyed by my little rant and i admit that i went a little overboard on it but consider my side for a minute. in all the code i have given you have you tried to understand it or did you just put it in and hope for the best. seeing that you still didn't even know abs that tells me that you just put it in. if you did try but couldn't understand it why didn't you ask for help to do so.

the way i see it code it's self is not messy unless the coder(human, evo, ect.) is messy (which is usually the case)

i hope this helps you understand where i'm coming from.

how good are at math specially in algebra?
i ask this because this is basically all db dna is.

also java does have crash catching systems that you put in the code. though it would be frequently it would catch any crashes. i saw a few tutorials and clearly remember that much as i was trying to learn it but lost my attention because of how bored i got from the tutorials. (i'm more of a show me all the commands and what they mean in a list (preferably organized) and show me how to structure it and i'm good to go.)

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Re: code
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2015, 01:23:43 PM »
I understand your viewpoint. Im actually not the biggest fan of algebra. I prefer problems like geomatry or statistics gives you.
Remember, all code is made by someone, including the language you code in...So every programming language has the capability to be messy. Allowances they call it, making code very simple and understandable, so others can use it. Primarily because thats what the internet was meant to be for. I do actually try to understand your code, and sometimes I've asked about the mult and such, but I prefered to not to much ask what every bit meant, and try to work it out. I ended up working out the rough gist, and over time I get a greater understanding of the chunks of the code as it gets tweaked and adjusted. Versions of code I work best to learn from. ABS was just a bit I didn't crack.
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