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Chemical Enteractions
« on: January 19, 2008, 10:34:31 PM »
I think a set of values representing chemicals would be useful. I.E. if you want to create penecilin, or an anti-biotic for say  poison or venom, the proper chemicals would have to be created and manipulated to create the desired chemical or item. Also, between to possible mates, if they emmited some sort of 'odor' or chemical that had a field of strength (most likely beyound the fields of sight) and a certain response linked to that chemical receptor. This would be useful for selective mating rituals for sexual reproduction. Also, the length of genes could be emmited by the host to find which genes can be spliced with any random bot. Once all possible matches are selected, the bots' genes are spliced and the pairs assembled to resemble the structure of the parents and inheriting differnt values from either parent.

This wouldn't require a nose, it could be recieved by some receptor that handled chemical emissions, and could be omnipresent for the bot, or directional only. Also, energy should be emited in the form of electricty relative to how it works in real life. This could be used for special exspensive long-range sensors; animals such as Sharks use this for detecting dieing fish in the ocean. This information would flow best through the water environments than say the air, because of the liquids density vs the density of air.

Also, presure sensors would be nice for detecting that sneaky passer-by; if a bot moved away from you while faced away, a swell would be created behind the bot, its pressure sensors would notice a positive value to the back vs the front and would be able to use this information for hunting the unsuspecting.