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I've decided on a physics engine to use.  I was on the fence as to wether I'd use a prebuilt engine or a custom one, but I've decided to at least start with a prebuilt solution.  If I need to later, I can always create a custom physics engine.  Anyway, Chipmunk2D is what I settled on.  I'm currently working on a .NET wrapper for it.  Bots will be rigid body capsules that can stretch/shrink themselves in limited ways.

You can see a youtube of the stuff Chipmunk can do on youtube.

I hope you will not change the physics engine too much so it is easyer to tranlsate robots from earlyer virsions...

That's not really one of my concerns.

 that means all the cool old bot's will get lost... Can you please make it a little bit your consern??? :sad:

That Chipmunk looks utterly amazing. I've browsed the other YT videos.


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