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Darwinbots3 is a new version of Darwinbots I'm working on that will start from scratch and build on the techniques I've been practicing for the last year or so.  Pretty much every aspect of the program will be redesigned to some extent or another.

On the tech side, the program will:
* Be written in C#.  I'm going to be heavily using C#'s superior error handling, reflection, IO, GUI, and networking abilities.  If nothing else, there should be more descriptive error messages to debug.
* Be module based.  The modules can operate independantly of one another, which allows them to be used independantly of the main program as well.  A DNA unit tester is in the works, for example.
* Be unit tested, which will (hopefully) mean the program will be more stable from Day1, and allow easier modifications without breaking older features.The program will be hosted on an SVN server I rented for my own personal use several months back.
  The SVN can be anonymously viewed here, however note that it currently doesn't contain anything of interest (I haven't been updating to it regularly).

For any programmers interested in working on one aspect or another with me (I highly encourage this), I'll be trying to set up an introduction article in the next few days that explains code dependancies, downloading from the SVN, coding practices, etc.  There are, unfortunately, a great many steps that a novice programmer would need to accomplish to get the code compiling that might not be immediately obvious (I'm working hard to minimize this effort, however).

Lastly, I expect this project to take somewhere between one to two years to finish.  However, due to the nature of the methods I'm using (unit testing, modules), I'll routinely set up mini releases that demonstrate some aspect of the program, probably every month or so that I'm working on Darwinbots and not something else.

This wiki page is where I'll dump everything needed to bring people up to speed.

I've uploaded the DNA module's code into the repository and reorganized it slightly.  Also added various ignore flags, etc.  I'm still debating wether or not to upload the DLL dependancies (I don't have unlimited space...)

See the wiki article for instructions on getting the code and running it.

I've updated the wiki page.  It's now much easier to set up the projects.  Hopefully I'll streamline this process even more in the future.

Is there an approximate release date for DB3 yet?  :D
(Can't help out, sorry, no time at all lately)


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