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I found this absolutely AMAZING article about...  well, about life as a bacteria.  You ALL must read it, it will change your world!  It is written in very easy-going and plain style, so it is acceptable to everyone.  There are some cool facts about inertia in bacterial life in the beginning of the article and some cool ideas about movement and diffusion near the end.  Read it!

Here is the link:

An interesting article, but I'm a little afraid of what it implies.

I played with the premises in my mind earlier.  Viscosity, that kind of thing, but I wasn't able to find the conclusion that this paper does.

We could eliminate momentum all together.  Simple as increasing friction to some value.

Eliminating momentum altogether is something I have thought about too. It would make collisions SOOO much easier to calculate and would also help to stop robots crossing the whole field so easily.

The only actual movement would be what is applied through acceleration now.

Increasing friction in the present system wouldn't work though since this reduces the applied acceleration too.

I will read the article when I get the chance.

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My Head Hurts already , but I think momentom should be optional I.e: dont get rid of it completly.

Any one know what Momentum is? Is that the stuff rockets use? If so I like that stuff , dont get rid of it.

Disallowing momentum basically means when a bot stops using number .up store it stops moving.

So there's no coasting.


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