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What do the colours mean?

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Taken from previous posts on the forum, this is a quick explanation of what all the different colours you can see in the sim actually mean.

Bot colour is set by the user or changes slowly through evolution.

Tie colours:

White is information transfer.

Yellow is any type of sharing - sharing nrg, waste, shell or slime.

Red is basically nrg, body tie feeding, venom and poison. (sometimes waste sharing)

Different colour circles inside the bot

Yellow circle inside bot = Slime
Red circle inside bot = Shell

Different coloured lines on edge of bot

White line proportional to energy
Purple line proportional to body
Green line proportional to poison
Blue line proportional to venom

Red line projected out of bot circle shows direction and magnitude that the bot is trying to move

Blobs on side of bots appear when they have been hit by a shot
Purple = -6 (body shot)
Red = -1 (nrg shot)
white = -2 (food shot)
Dark blue = (venom shot)
Yellow = (poison shot)

Shot colour
White = normal shots
Light blue = viruses


Please point out if any information is missed or wrong and this post will be updated.

arn't the blue dots viruses?

Light blue (cyan) are viruses.

Dark blue blobs are venom shot impacts.
Yellow blobs are poison shot impacts.

cyan blobs (isn't "blips" a better term?) are virus hits. These weren't metioned.


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