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Alga Reactum (V)(Boris of Quirm)-27.11.05
« on: November 27, 2005, 05:30:04 AM »
'This veggiebot will only reproduce if it is attacked.  This includes by shooting or tiefeeders.  If you want you
' can remove the commented line in the first gene and allow the plant to reproduce when its energy is at a
' certain level as well.

'As all cells live mainly to reproduce it is interesting to note that when this veg is attacked it may eventually
' surround its predator.  This produces quite a nice symbiotic relationship between plant and predator.  The
' plant has 'caught' a predator and therefore it has guaranteed it will be shot and can reproduce.  The
' predator, in being 'caught' now has a food source on tap.

'This also means that one predator bot can be used in a test and as they become seperated into
' different 'colonies', they can mutate independantly down different evolutionary paths.

'The bot was tested in 2.37.6 and the settings used to test this bot were:-
'Alga Reactum      Qty 10     NRG 3000     Vegetable Yes     Blocked Yes
'T_Preservans      Qty 20     NRG 3000     Vegetable No      Blocked No

'The test area was 9237 x 6928
'NRG/Veggie/cycle 10
'Mutation was disabled for Alga Reactum and enabled for T_Preservans

'Alga Reactum
'This plant will reproduce if it is  attacked.

*.shup 0 !=
*.shdn 0 != or
*.shdx 0 != or
*.shsx 0 != or
'*.nrg 10000 > or
60 .aimdx store
50 .repro store

*.numties 0 >
99 .repro store

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